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As a consultant I am offering the services of

Problem solver
Expert - (breadth & depth of experience)
3rd party - Sanity check

My primary area of expertise is in the technical area of vacuum deposition, an area I have worked in for over 20 years.  Work done over this period has covered areas such as coatings for prosthetics, pyrotechnics, optical storage media, touch screens, solar control & energy conservation, pigments, flexible circuits, barrier coatings and electrochromic devices.

Over and above this I have worked on other processes such as;

polymer extrusion, filming and moulding
radiation cured (e-beam & UV) coating technology,
optical modelling of multilayer coatings,
plasma & flame treatment of surfaces,
holographic processes including origination, shim production, tiling and embossing, electrostatic decontamination of polymer films,
image analysis techniques,
surface analysis & microscopy techniques for determining the structure of coatings, including reverse engineering, or in troubleshooting such as tracing a source of contamination.   

As well as these technical areas I have experience in the areas of;

information mining for both technical and marketing applications,
new product and
process evaluation and development,
roadmapping for strategic planning,
security - anti-counterfeiting / brand authentication and tamper evidence

as well as the usual business skills given through training within a multinational company.   

Vacuum coating.   

Vacuum coating processes fall into many categories & it is possible to segment the market accordingly.

Physical Deposition Processes.  PVD

  Resistance heated source
Rigid substrates        e.g.  headlamp reflectors, trophies
Flexible substrates    e.g.  metallized packaging, capacitor

  Electron beam source
                                           Rigid substrates        e.g.   mirrors
                                           Flexible substrates    e.g.  as per resistance sources

  Induction heated source                                     e.g.  as per resistance sources
  Arc source                                                          e.g.  tools

                                          Diode                          e.g. semiconductors
                                          Ion Beam                    e.g. semiconductors
                                          Laser                           e.g. R & D
                                          Rigid substrates          e.g. mirrors
                                          Flexible substrates      e.g. photoreceptor belts

Reactive processes
                                          Magnetron sputtering          e.g.  transparent conducting oxides
                                          Electron beam evaporation  e.g. transparent barrier oxides
                                          Combination sources.          e.g. multilayer  'enerfoil'

Chemical Vapour Deposition   CVD

                                          Thermal                           e.g. semiconductors
                                          Plasma Enhanced
                                                   Rigid substrates      e.g. fluidised bed pigments
                                                   Flexible substrates  e.g.  transparent oxygen barrier     

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